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 Marts aka Martynas Juchnevicius is a singer/songwriter and lyricist based in London. Former member and frontman of an indie rock band “Lygiailyja” from Siauliai industrial city in Lithuania. Marts best known as a developer of groovey up and down bass lines with mellow/lonesome moodey, uplifting and melodic tunes, lately creating more acoustically sounding content rather non-genre content. A grungey downbeat album with layers of distorted guitars "Portable Groovz" was released in 2016, while another album of poetry and smart soundscapes "Semba" appeared later in 2018. Along with that in the end of 2020 Marts released the newest electronically ambient track "Downtown Waves" based on his side project - ANIMATIK. The project was created back in 2008 in Budapest and ended with a release of the first IDM/electronic album - "Acid Trips". A second ANIMATIK' project online release "Blue sky trips" is available to listen here and on the bandcamp platform.  

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